Unlocking the utility of genomics for the world.

Advance your front-end sequencing workflow without the constraints of traditional automation and manual methods.


Are you limited by current platforms when preparing
your samples?

We have developed the reagent platform of the future — offering unprecedented speed and flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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Value proposition
We offer an array of solutions that provide labs of all sizes and capabilities greater access to bioautomation.

‍Save time and effort by automating most sequencing and sample preparation applications.

Customise deck configuration with our intuitive and user-friendly programming dashboard, eliminating the need for dedicated automated engineers.

Lower your cost of entry through reduced CapEx and additional cost reduction via miniaturization.

Remain agile with hardware that offers scope for future flexibility with scaleable throughput.

We simplify experimentation by removing existing barriers in manual and bioautomation processes.

Achieve more efficient and broader automation functionality with advanced sample manipulation technology.

Save time when switching workflows with a simple setup delivering immediate adaptability results.

Scale experimentation quickly and efficiently with the ability to run multiple protocol types simultaneously.

Run novel applications with superior performance.

Reduce your consumable cost and use.

We solve challenges with an openness for change and transparency to develop  successful and unconventional solutions.

Expect continuous improvement from our team every step of the way

Work with a team of diverse specialists, offering a variety of complementary skill sets.

Learn to be open and agile from a team that values our personality as much as our product.

Building a platform technology that spans from sample to sequencer

We are in the midst of a genomic revolution. What the entire world could not do two decades ago — sequence a human genome — today a scientist can do on a bench. The adoption of sequencing technologies is only increasing exponentially.

Despite these advancements, preparing samples for sequencing remains a bottleneck. Today’s scientists are held back by existing solutions for sample preparation. We believe that disruptive innovations are needed in sample prep technologies to unlock the true utility of genomics.

Volta is building a sequencing technology agnostic platform that spans from the raw biological sample to sequenceable molecules. We are reinventing the full stack — hardware, software, chemistry, and biology — to create simple, flexible, and powerful solutions for sample preparation and beyond.

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