Exponentially Scaling Genomic and Genetic Engineering

Biological automation as agile, scalable and reliable as digital electronics.


Volta is building a world-class team of antidisciplinary scientists and engineers to develop technologies at the intersection of biology, engineering and computer science.

Abdul Mohammed,
Senior Scientist
Akim Lenhoff,
Principal Instrumentation Engineer
Alex Gushulak
Alex Gushulak,
Mechanical Engineer
Ben Fargiano
Ben Fargiano,
Mechanical Engineer Co-op
Cédric Viry
Cédric Viry,
Senior Materials/R&D Engineer
Dan Curhan
Dan Curhan,
Mechatronics Engineering Lead
Devin Junkins,
Systems Integration Engineer
Febriana Pangestu
Febriana Pangestu,
Senior Research Associate
Grayson Daly
Gabriella Davis,
Research Associate
Grayson Daly
Grayson Daly,
Mechatronics Engineer
Ishaan Govindarajan,
Systems Engineer
James Ferguson
James Ferguson,
Principal Software Engineer
Katie Cuccia-Fenton
Katie Cuccia-Fenton,
Mechanical Engineering Co-op
Keith Farnsworth
Keith Farnsworth,
Chief Commercial Officer
Liam Masters,
Software Engineer
Michael Bua,
Bioengineering Co-op
Nick Picca,
Product Manager
Raphael Merrand
Raphael Merrand,
Rithika Raj Kumar Pradeep
Rithika Raj Kumar Pradeep,
Bioengineer Co-op
Simran Kaushal
Simran Kaushal,
R&D Scientist and Scientific Writer
Will Langford
Will Langford,
Co-founder and Head of Engineering
William Jackson
W.R. Jackson,
Software Engineer
Udayan Umapathi
Udayan Umapathi,
Co-founder and CEO


Maryke Appel, Technical Director (former) - Kapa Biosystems & Roche
Maxim Lobovsky, CEO - Formlabs
Natan Linder, CEO - Tulip Interfaces
Paul McEwan, Cofounder - Kapa Biosystems
Preston Estep, Director, Harvard Personal Genome Project
George Church, Professor - Harvard Medical School


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