OUR belief

To truly enable today’s biologists, automation needs to be built from the ground up.

OUR story

Volta Labs was spun out of MIT in 2018 with the simple mission of building biological automation from the ground up.

Volta is in the proximity of Kendall Square, known as "the most innovative square mile on the planet". Being part of the open biotech culture in Kendall Square made us realize that today’s biologists are held back by the limitations of existing automation tools. With DNA sequencing in particular, we observed that the advances in DNA readout technologies had moved further along than the advances in the upstream steps of preparing samples for sequencing (sample prep).

What started out as a simple printed circuit board to manipulate colored droplets at the MIT Media Lab during co-founder Udayan Umapathi’s graduate work was quickly directed toward solving the “sample prep bottleneck”. The company raised Seed Funding from top VCs in 2019 and later that year added Will Langford as a co-founder and Head of Engineering.

Since then, we have been heads down in the lab inventing and building novel fluidic and sample manipulation technologies. We take an anti-disciplinary approach to solve very hard problems and weave together instrumentation, fluidics, software, biology and chemistry. While our current focus is on sequencing sample prep, we envision a new approach where a single universal machine automates most biological workflows in genomics, proteomics and synthetic biology.

Mar 2018
Jan 2019
Apr 2019
Apr 2021
Jan 2022
Mar 2018

Volta Labs is incorporated and launches from MIT

Jan 2019

Volta Labs participates in Y Combinator Winter 2019

April 2019

Volta Labs secures Seed Funding from Y Combinator, E14 Funds, Maverick Ventures and Village Global

April 2021

Rapid and iterative development culture leads to technology demonstration with first customer deployment

January 2022

Team grows to the size of 22 anti-disciplinary engineers and scientists

Our values

We innovate continually and learn by doing.

We take the approach of diving into problems at hand. Often this means creating perturbations in the system and measuring the outcome to figure out next steps instead of solely relying on ideating.

We seek to learn and grow, individually and collectively.

Like everything that survives and thrives in nature, we constantly evolve. We openly discuss the good and the bad. We do not shy away from our mistakes, rather we seek to learn and grow, individually and collectively.

We lift each other up and leverage collective genius.

We are tackling some of the most challenging problems that span many domains of engineering, software, biology and chemistry. We work together with open-mindedness and solve problems via collaborative discussions.
OUR team

We are a group of antidisciplinary scientists and builders working at the intersection of engineering and biology.

Abdul Mohammed
Associate Director - Genomic Applications
Akim Lenhoff
Principal Instrumentation Engineer
Alex Gushulak
Mechanical Engineer
Ben Fargiano
Mechanical Engineer Co-op
Cédric Viry
Senior Materials/R&D Engineer
Dan Curhan
Mechatronics Engineering Lead
Devin Junkins
Systems Integration Engineer
Febriana Pangestu
Associate Scientist
Gabriella Davis
Research Associate
Grayson Daly
Mechatronics Engineer
Ishaan Govindarajan
Systems Engineer
James Ferguson
Principal Software Engineer
Katie Cuccia-Fenton
Mechanical Engineering Co-op
Keith Farnsworth
Chief Commercial Officer
Liam Masters
Software Engineer
Michael Bua
Bioengineering Co-op
Rithika Raj Kumar Pradeep
Bioengineer Co-op
Will Langford
Co-founder and Head of Engineering
Simran Kaushal
R&D Scientist and Scientific Writer
W.R. Jackson
Senior Software Engineer
Udayan Umapathi
Co-founder and CEO
Board of directors

We are proud to have the support of industry CEOs who have built large, successful companies providing us strategic advice.

Natan Linder
Tulip Interfaces
David Singer
Managing Partner, Maverick Ventures
Maxim Lobovsky
Udayan Umapathi
Co-founder and CEO
Volta Labs

Standing on the shoulders of industry giants.

John Stuelpnagel
Co-founder & Board Member
Illumina, 10X Genomics & Others
Paul McEwan
Co- founder & Board Member
Kapa Biosystems & Others
Preston Estep
Harvard Personal Genome Project
Maryke Appel
Technical Director (former)
Kapa Biosystems & Roche
George Church
Harvard Medical School

Backed by investors with long term perspective in genomics

Meet us at
The Jackson Laboratory  - Workshop on Long Read Sequencing
05.18.2022 - 05.20.2022
AGBT 2022
06.06.2022 - 06.09.2022
Orlando, FL, USA

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