Imagine a world where extracting vital information from biological samples is as simple as pressing a button.

at volta, that's our vision, and we're turning it into reality

our story

Pioneering genomic innovation

In 2018, Volta Labs was born in the halls of MIT with a clear mission: to unlock the utility of genomics for the world.

Previously nestled in the vibrant hub of Kendall Square, known as "the most innovative square mile on the planet," we quickly became immersed in the dynamic biotech culture. After numerous conversations with other scientists and hours of research, we discovered that trailblazing biologists were being held back by the constraints of existing automation tools, particularly in the realm of DNA sequencing. While DNA readout technologies surged ahead, the upstream steps of sample preparation (sample prep) lagged behind.

During Founder Udayan Umapathi’s graduate stint at the MIT Media Lab, what began as a humble printed circuit board to manipulate colorful droplets soon evolved into a solution

for the notorious "sample prep bottleneck." Propelled into action, we secured funding from top-tier VCs and got to work.

Since then, our focus has been laser-sharp in the lab, where we've been busy inventing and constructing groundbreaking fluidic and sample manipulation technologies. We embrace an anti-disciplinary approach, tackling the toughest challenges by seamlessly integrating instrumentation, fluidics, software, biology, and chemistry. While we're currently channelling our energies into sequencing sample prep, our grand vision extends beyond – envisioning a future where a single universal machine automates the lion's share of biological workflows in genomics, proteomics, and synthetic biology.

At Volta, we're not just shaping the future of genomics; we're engineering it. Join us in harnessing the power of biology and technology to change the world.

our approach

transforming discovery

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to innovation. Volta is rewriting the rules by reinventing the full stack — hardware, software, chemistry, and biology. We're not just developing solutions; we're crafting a seamless and powerful ecosystem that simplifies every step of the genomics journey. Our platform is designed to be simple and exceptionally powerful, providing groundbreaking solutions for sample preparation and beyond.

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The Future of Genomics

Imagine a future where genomics is no longer a complex maze but a straightforward path to discovery. Volta is committed to making this vision a reality.

advancing the frontiers of

Disease control

Forensic science




genetic disorders

Renewable energy

Environmental science


gene technology


join the genomics revolution.

Are you driven by a passion for innovation? Are you excited about pushing the limits of what's possible in genomics? We’d love for you to build with us at Volta Labs.  Join us on our journey, where insatiable curiosity is encouraged, every Voltarian makes an impact, and where the future of genomics is being shaped today.

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