Imagine a world where extracting vital information from biological samples is as simple as pressing a button.

at volta, that's our vision, and we're turning it into reality

our approach

transforming discovery

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to innovation. Volta is rewriting the rules by reinventing the full stack — hardware, software, chemistry, and biology. We're not just building solutions; we're developing a streamlined, powerful ecosystem that simplifies every step of the genomics journey. Our disruptive platform is designed to be simple and powerful, bringing the push-button experience of a sequencer to sample prep.

Two female scientists looking at a notebook in a laboratory

The Future of Genomics

Imagine a future where genomics is no longer a complex maze but a straightforward path to discovery. Volta is committed to making this vision a reality, and we're starting by taking application development out of the wet lab and enabling walk-away sample prep for any sequencer.

advancing the frontiers of

Disease control

Forensic science




genetic disorders

Renewable energy

Environmental science


gene technology


join the genomics revolution

Are you driven by a passion for innovation? Are you excited about pushing the limits of what's possible in genomics and accelerating medical research? We’d love for you to build with us at Volta Labs. Join us on our journey to shape the future of genomics, where insatiable curiosity is encouraged and every Voltarian makes an impact.

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