Our Technology

Volta is building a sequencer agnostic front-end platform.

Reduce hands on time and operator training burden with push button protocols that use a simple consumable.


Digital Fluidics, a precision tool for biological sample manipulation.

How it Works

Step 1: Sample Input
Cell lysates are loaded onto the platform.
Whole blood
Buffy coat
Cell cultures
Step 2: Nucleic Acid Extraction
Automated bead-based extraction is performed to produce purified nucleic acids (including RNA and HMW DNA).
Step 3: Optional Stopping Point
For flexibility, an optional stopping point is created to enable for Q.C., cDNA synthesis, and/or mechanical shearing steps.
cDNA Synthesis
Mechanical Shearing
Step 4: Library Preparation
Input DNA and library prep reagents are loaded to perform steps associated with end repair, ligation, tagmentation, and bead clean-up.
Bead Clean-up
Mixing Reagents
Loading Reagents

Flexible. Scalable. Accessible.

“Push button” sample prep workflow

One Digital Fluidics platform, multiple nucleic acid extraction and library prep applications.

HMW DNA extraction

Universally compatible with short and long read sequencing technologies.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies library prep

Robust library conversion efficiency and nanopore occupancy.

Illumina SBS library prep

PCR-free library prep for whole genome sequencing.

PacBio HiFi library prep

Significant reduction of hands-on time and pipette tip consumption.

Element AVITI™ library prep

Libraries produced and circularized using Adept are high yield and generate good coverage across the genome with no GC bias.
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