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Life at Volta: App Development

March 8, 2024

Life at Volta: App Development

At the cross-section of software and cutting-edge biochemistry, you’ll find the Volta Labs App Development team. The App Dev team works to ensure Volta’s innovative technology is equipped with the scripting necessary to generate accurate sample results for labs across the country. We explored one member of the App Development team’s journey, Shikhar Gupta.

Shikhar performing wizardry in the lab

On a typical day in Volta’s lab, you’ll find Shikhar Gupta, an Applications System Integration and R&D Engineer. After joining the team in 2023, Shikhar has helped the App Dev team make critical progress toward commercialization, and he continues to play a key role in writing instruction sets for Volta’s instrument, Callisto. He’s also a champion for the App Dev team and the broader company culture, which is why he’s usually found in the lab wearing a wide, infectious grin.

Before joining Volta, Shikhar moved from Germany to Boston. His priority was to find an opportunity to work on groundbreaking technology, and doing so with a team that values camaraderie and multidisciplinary skill sets. The way he first heard about Volta was quite serendipitous – his spouse worked in the office next door. After a series of interviews, he knew Volta Labs was the place for him. 

"Volta's technology is truly impressive, but what sealed the deal for me was the people – my decision was driven 40% by technology and 60% by the team members I spoke with," said Shikhar. 

From day one, Shikhar was excited by the company’s collaborative, vibrant energy. The onboarding experience, especially, was a highlight.

“The team is really communicative and everyone was so patient in addressing so many questions I had,” he said. “I really felt the sense of belonging right away.” 

Shikhar found a fast community in his new team, and one of his favorite team memories happened a few weeks after his start.

“We went on a group retreat to a mountain resort in Vermont. Divided into groups, we cooked meals, had fireside chats, went on hikes, and there was a s’mores competition - which my team won.” He beamed, “It was a fantastic way to kickstart my journey with the team."

Shikhar and his team in Vermont at the team retreat

But it isn’t all s’mores and fireside chats. The App Development team is a high-performance team with a lot of drive. The team works together to quickly eliminate blockers and troubleshoot when others are stuck.

"Nobody is ever too busy to help out. It's an open space where everyone is comfortable talking one-on-one. Constructive feedback is encouraged, making it easier to navigate challenges and celebrate successes," said Shikhar. “We know that the best route forward is together.”

This was especially true during one standout moment, a high-pressure demo to investors where multiple teams were involved in to ensure success.

“Whenever we overcome big challenges like that, the entire team celebrates and hypes each other up. It’s that energy and camaraderie that makes Volta special.” 
Shikhar + the rest of the App Dev team on a night out at Flight Club in Boston

Looking forward, he says, one of the things he’s most excited about is working with future team members who share his enthusiasm for scripting, biochemistry, and making an impact in the world of genomics. If that’s you, we’d love to connect – check out open positions here!

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