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Inside Volta: Application Development

April 18, 2024

Abdul Mohammed, our Head of Genomics Applications Development, takes you behind the scenes of app development at Volta. The team has developed methods to go from raw biological samples to sequencing-ready libraries on a novel benchtop sample prep instrument that is preloaded with apps that require no user programming or optimization. This unique technology platform requires collaboration across many disciplines, including biologists, bioengineers, physicists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, and manufacturing engineers, as well as business and commercial operations.

Bringing the push-button experience of a sequencer to sample prep

Check out the video to learn more about what we're building, what it's like to work at Volta Labs, insight into the interview process, and tips on how to land a job on the Volta team!

During this video interview, Abdul will answer these questions:

  • Who is Volta Labs?
  • What is the Applications Development team working on?
  • What unique challenges does the team get to tackle?
  • What is the tech stack?
  • What does the interview process at Volta Labs look like?
  • Why is now a good time to join the team?

Ready to solve problems at the intersection of science, process optimization and robotics?

Our team is growing quickly and we have roles open across a variety of disciplines. We're looking for exceptional humans to join our team - you could be next! Take a look at our open opportunities and apply to any that fit your experience and skillsets.

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