BENCHTOP instrument

The Callisto™ Sample Prep System brings the push-button experience of a sequencer to sample prep. This benchtop instrument will transform labs with walk-away extraction and library prep that speeds up and simplifies both short- and long-read sequencing preparations. Callisto significantly reduces hands-on time, plastic waste and reagent usage, enabling under-resourced labs to maximize resources.

Out of the box, pre-loaded apps
Get started in minutes with quick and simple setup
More efficient use of reagents enables more reactions per kit
Compact footprint with a sleek, benchtop design
High quality samples minimizes risk from manual prep
The Callisto Sample Prep System

Key features of the Callisto™ Sample Prep System

Walk-away extraction and library prep for short and long read sequencing

Pre-loaded Volta Apps require no user programming or optimization

Supports flexible batch sizes of up to 24 reactions per run and improved scalability for low- and high-throughput applications

Significantly reduces hands-on time, plastic waste, and reagent usage

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CallisTo Product Specifications

Physical Specifications


66.8 cm (H)
92.7cm (W)
84.4 cm (D)

Height with door open

90 cm


60 kg

Operating  Requirements

Operating Voltage

24V - 3A

Electrical Requirements

100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Stable lab bench

The Callisto Sample Prep System
Callisto Hands-on Time
Samples per run
VoltaPure HMW DNA Extraction
~15 min
Whole blood, buffy coat, cell lysate
Up to 24
VoltaPrep for Pacbio
~30 min
1 - 5 µg DNA
Up to 24
VoltaPrep for ILLuMiNa
~30 min
10 - 250 ng DNA
Up to 24
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