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Walk-away sample prep for any sequencer, from nucleic acid extractions to sequencing-ready libraries

Walk-away nucleic acid extraction

The VoltaPure™ family of products for the Callisto™ Sample Prep System are available for specific biological sample types optimized to ensure consistent yield and quality of extracted nucleic acids, and are functionally validated with various sequencing platforms.

Key Features:

Purified, ready-to-use nucleic acids from lysed biological samples without user intervention

Flexible batch sizes support up to 24 samples

Requires less than 15 minutes hands-on time to set up a run on the Callisto System

Compatible Kits:

Extractions with VoltaPure™

All necessary reagents for lysis and bead-based extraction

Apps designed for the extraction of high-quality, high molecular weight (HMW) DNA

Apps require less input material and enable cost-effective isolation of DNA

Push-button NGS libraries

The VoltaPrep™ product portfolio includes apps and kits optimized for different library prep workflows to ensure robust and reproducible performance in terms of yield and fragment length. VoltaPrep Apps require purified nucleic acids as inputs and produce libraries that are ready for amplification, target enrichment, or direct sequencing.

Key Features:

Supports flexible batch sizes up to 24 samples

High-quality libraries prepared from reduced inputs and in miniaturized formats

Compatible with benchtop and production-scale short- and long-read sequencers

Requires less than 45 minutes hands-on time to set up a run on the Callisto System

Compatible Kits:

Library Prep with VoltaPrep™

Prepare libraries from different DNA sample types and input amounts

PCR-free library prep from different DNA sample types and input amounts

Utilize VoltaPrep™ reagent kits or existing reagent kits from sequencing platform providers

Walk-away target enrichment

The VoltaHyb™ suite of apps and kits are configured for hybridization capture chemistries from different suppliers and are carefully optimized to ensure robust and consistent performance across a wide range of library types and panel sizes.

Key Features:

Fully automated, robust hybridization capture for a wide range of sample types and targeted sequencing applications

Compatible with single- and multi-plex capture, fast and overnight hybridization, and a wide range of panel sizes

Supports flexible batch sizes up to 24 reactions

Compatible Kits:

Hybridization Capture with VoltaHyb™

Fully automated enrichment of pre-capture libraries/library pools

Compatible with pre-capture libraries prepared with any appropriate method

Supports panel sizes ranging from <100 kb to exomes

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