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Volta Labs to Unveil Digital Fluidics at AGBT

June 2, 2022


Volta Labs, a bioautomation company developing solutions to streamline the upstream workflows in genomic sequencing today announced numerous advances in digital fluidics that will be presented at AGBT General Meeting.

“We have been hard at work to develop bioautomation technology and we are excited to unveil the company and the technology at AGBT,”  said Udayan Umapathi, CEO at Volta Labs. “Volta Labs is building a sequencing technology agnostic platform that spans from the raw biological sample to sequenceable molecules. Advancing the front-end of the workflow is the next frontier as we see the industry achieve the $100 genome”.

Over the last two decades, the cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted but there haven’t been nearly enough advances in the cost of sample preparation and library preparation, a necessary precursor to sequencing. Therefore, budgets at laboratories growing DNA sequencing volumes are increasingly consumed by the costs of sample preparation. Volta Labs approaches this challenge with a multidisciplinary solution that re-imaginces fluidics and automation from the ground up.

Gearing up for product release in 2023, Volta Labs and its collaborators are presenting results using the digital fluidic technology currently in development. The unique capabilities and versatility of the digital fluidic bioautomation technology will be highlighted by the following:

In-suite Talks:

Unveiling Digital Fluidics, June 8th, 7:30 to 8:55am EST

  • Unveiling Digital Fluidics technology for “push button” sample to sequencer agnostic workflow, Udayan Umapathi, Co-founder and CEO, Volta Labs
  • RNA extraction for short and long read sequencing enabled by the Digital Fluidics technology, Tom Gingeras Ph.D., Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Labs
  • Automated High Molecular Weight DNA extraction and library prep optimized for PacBio Sequel IIe, Katie Larkin,Associate Director, Clinical Lab Operations Genomics Platform, Broad Institute


  • #411 - Simple and fast DNA extraction for multiple sequencing technologies using Digital Fluidics
  • #555 - Automated high-yield sequencing library prep for Oxford Nanopore Technologies
  • Contact-Free Automated Library Prep for PacBio using Advanced Digital Fluidics
  • Advancing PCR-free Illumina Library Preparation
  • Advanced automation of upstream workflows for AVITI™ using Volta Labs Digital Fluidics
  • Digital Fluidics Technology for “Push Button” Sample Prep Workflow

Volta Labs and its collaborators, will present the new data at “Unveiling Digital Fluidics” in the company’s Indian River Hospitality Suite, on June 8th from 7:30 to 8:55am EST. To register for this event, click here.

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